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Custom Gravure Coating

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Custom Gravure Coating from Hampden Papers, Inc.

Hampden Papers, Inc. provides custom gravure coating expertise to our loyal customers. No matter which type of custom gravure coating you chose for your product, we guarantee a beautiful finished product. From solid colors to bright metallics, Hampden Papers, Inc. has the perfect custom gravure coating solution for you.

Benefits of our Custom Gravure Coatings

The custom gravure coatings from Hampden offer a large selection of benefits, such as

  • Less coating and more precision
  • Uniform coverage
  • Resolution and edge definition

You'll love the results of our custom gravure coatings. 

Custom Gravure Coating

Need a Custom Gravure Coating for your product?

Call Hampden Papers, Inc. to get started today at 413.536.1000.