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Custom Embossing

Are you looking to add that unique touch to your product? Consider the embossing capabilities at Hampden Papers, Inc. The raised or recessed image will make your product pop! We have a large selection of embossing patterns to select from. Our embossing patterns can be utilized for nearly any paper product.

Make your product stand out!

The assortment of embossing patterns at Hampden Papers, Inc. can make any product create a lasting impression. Use our embossing capabilities for:

  • Gift wrap packaging
  • Envelope liner
  • Rigid box wraps
  • Greeting cards
  • Folding cartons

...And more!

Ready to get started with your embossing project?

If you're ready to highlight the important details in your product and create a lasting image in the customer's mind, call Hampden Papers, Inc. today for more information on our line of embossing patterns.