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Foil and Film Laminating

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Creative Design and Practical Structure

The foil and film laminating expertise at Hampden Papers, Inc. provides creative design and practical function for your product. Typically used to enhance the look of your folding cartons, book covers, brochures, maps, menus, posters and more, our foil and film laminating options can be used to enhance your products in many ways.

Durable, Reliable, and Stunning Foil and Film Lamination

Foil and film lamination provides a brilliant look for your product. A foil or film product with topcoat will:

  • Have resistance to scratching
  • Provide a protective barrier for moisture and odor
  • Prevent other damage

Due to the nature of the product, it also helps to increase the durability of your product. Of course, your foil and film lamination will be 100% beautiful too.

Looking for a Specialty Paper Converter?

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Foil and Film Laminating