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History of Hampden Papers

In 1880, three men founded the Hampden Glazed Paper and Card Company in Holyoke, Massachusetts: Joseph C Parsons, 66, George Fowler, 67 and Colonel Aaron Bagg, 70. At the time of the founding of the company, all three men were of "retirement age"; however, they astutely recognized and responded to a market demand for specialized papers. Thus was born the Hampden Glazed Paper and Card Company as a paper converter, specializing in coated and "glazed" papers (Glazing involved methods of applying gloss to colored papers).

All three of the founders would be dead within the decade. However, while Fowler was originally a small shareholder, he had one advantage over the other gentlemen: Fowler had family eager to join the management of the company. Eventually, the Fowlers would buy up a clear majority of shares in the company. From then on, the Hampden Glazed Paper and Card Company would be family owned and operated for five generations. In 1973, the name of the company was shortened to Hampden Papers, Inc.

During the war years, the company manufactured many products to support the war effort. One war product produced by Hampden Papers, Inc. was known as "chaff", the tiny bits of "tin foil" that were released from planes to confuse enemy radar. The Company also printed rationing coupons, a product often more precious than money.

After the war years, Hampden focused on producing over-wrap papers for the set up or rigid paper box industry. The company still services this industry today. However, during the 1960's, the company diversified into many other markets, including gift wrap, greeting cards, book covers, bags, pouches, and a myriad of other consumer markets. Today, the company services over eighty distinct product markets. Over the years the products and technology of the company have evolved. Hampden Papers no longer "glazes" paper, but accomplishes gloss through modern coating methods.

During the 1960's, the company began foil laminating, and film lamination was added during the 1970's. In 1989, the company added 26,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space. In 1995, the company added another 56,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space.

Today, Hampden Papers, Inc. boasts sales of $30 million with 100 full time employees and sells its products worldwide. Over the years, we have earned and are proud of our slogan, "THE STANDARD OF QUALITY SINCE 1880".

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to continue as a quality converter of paper, film, foil and related products.

We are committed to a unified effort, responsive to the needs of our customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers and community.

To our customers, we are committed to provide timely service, innovation, consistent quality and competitively priced products.

To our employees, we are committed to provide industry-competitive wages and benefits, respect for the individual and continued improvement of facilities and working conditions.

To our community, we recognize our responsibility to respect and protect our environment, pay our share of taxes, support local charities and encourage our employees to work for community betterment.

To our stockholders, we recognize our responsibility to provide a reasonable return on their investment in our company.